Is your Salary Good? 5 Top Salary Calculators-

Everybody at some point in time will wonder if their salary is fair. Fortunately, there are a range of good quality salary calculators on the web which enable you to find out, we have summarized these for you.


This is one of the most powerful free salary calculators on the market and is suitable for use for employees, recruiters and reward professionals.

2.) provide a free salary calculator on their site which is suitable for job seekers and HR professionals. It is powered by


Another excellent salary calculator suitable for all types of users. It enables you to assess your worth based on multiple criteria, including state, job title, and job grade, providing a reliable average salary calculation.


This is powered by so offers similar levels of functionality and reliability. However, monster offer an additional premium tool, which provides a more personalized analysis, that will produce a more robust and reliable salary calculation – rendering it a much more powerful negotiating tool.